Functional Design – Sheeting and Dust Palliation

The functional trafficability of the haul road is as important as the structural strength of the design. This is dictated to a large degree through the selection, application and maintenance of the wearing course, sheeting (or road surfacing) materials.

Poor functional performance is manifest as poor ride quality, excessive dust, increased tyre wear and damage, and an accompanying loss of productivity due to rolling resistance increase associated with surface deterioration (or ‘defects’). The result of these effects is seen as an increase in overall vehicle operating and maintenance costs.

For further details, see the book:

Mining Haul Roads: Theory and Practice
1st Edition
Roger Thompson, Rodrigo Peroni, Alex T. Visser

CRC Press
Published December 11, 2018
Reference – 294 Pages
ISBN 9781138589629
CAT# K386669

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