Structural Design

Haul road structural design concerns the ability of the road to carry the imposed loads without the need for excessive maintenance or rehabilitation.  Haul roads deteriorate with time due to the interactive effect of traffic load and specific sub-grade (in-situ) material strengths and structural thicknesses.

The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) structural design method has been widely applied to the design of mine haul roads in which untreated materials are used.  However, when multi-layered roads are considered in conjunction with a base layer of selected blasted waste rock, a mechanistic approach is more often appropriate.

Haul Road Structural Design: typical wheel layout of haul trucks
Although each wheel of the haul truck carries about the same load, the adjacent rear wheels combine to give the critical design loading.

For further details, see the book:

Mining Haul Roads: Theory and Practice
1st Edition
Roger Thompson, Rodrigo Peroni, Alex T. Visser

CRC Press
Published December 11, 2018
Reference – 294 Pages
ISBN 9781138589629
CAT# K386669

CIRCLY 7.0 software fully automates mechanistic design of unpaved mine haul road pavements trafficked by heavy mine vehicles and dump trucks etc.
See these pages for an overview of the CIRCLY 7.0 Haul Road Pavement Design Feature.

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